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Monday, May 1, 2017

Issue 16: Artist Interview of Yesyesmonorail

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Artist

Real name : Just Chi, like Tai Chi?

Nick/Artist name : 

Usually I’m know as Yesyesmonorail on social media, but my illustrator name is Harumaruchi.

When did you start and what makes you started?
My Grandad who was selling cars all his life. He always knew that he wanted to paint but he set his life to do something more practical instead. He used to do portraits of my toys and our family as a child. As I am very close to my grandfather, I would almost imitate anything that he does. I would enjoy his favorite food to his favorite art.

It has never really been serious until I graduated a couple years ago from a Diploma from Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design. I hesitated to start off being a illustrator as I did not see being a illustrator would land me a good place in Singapore. I did a lot of post production, from being a motion graphics artist to a production assistant for a few gigs. My co-workers always believed that illustration has been my calling, I just like to explore different things as it keeps me fresh.

Where does your Inspiration comes from?
From a lot of places and people I met with. Especially now there are so many illustrators online showing their pretty content, I cannot resist making a few myself. Recently I have made a set of “poker cards” called the “Basic Guide to Japan” as a gift for an old friend, doesn't speak a single Japanese, yet I foresee them going back and back again to Japan. 

Hope I could help more people to learn and communicate basic Japanese the fun way with these cards soon, it was really fun making the graphics like a jig saw puzzle.

What is your best achievement?
In terms of life my best achievement would be exploring and meeting different people who have their interest in design.
As for my illustration getting people to appreciate my art is already something I enjoy experiencing.

Which is your personal favourite? 
That’s a tough question, I would want to improve from the last art I previously did.

Who inspires you?
Yuko Shimizu. Sometimes I would envy someone who could survive working in Japan. Especially Yuko has worked in PR for 11 years! I think it's amazing as I live in Singapore almost all my life, I can never be the same as a ordinary Japanese person.

Advice for aspiring artist?
Never be afraid to start all over again, like Yuko Shimizu! And lastly, thank your loved ones. Without the support of friends or acquaintances, we would never go far beyond the impossible.




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