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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Issue 30: Artist Interview of Aristajem

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Artist

Real name : Arista Jemie Soh

Nick/Artist name : Aristajem / Veriale

What’s your background? 
I studied music for 5 years and worked as a MOE music teacher in Singapore for a year. I sort of did my own music thing as a hobby.

Studied 3D computer graphics in Vancouver and got my first film job on Sim City 3 as a texture artist painting 3D assets for film. I’ve had various jobs after in film and working on cartoon tv series. Now I work for Piranha Games on the game called Mechwarrior, painting robot pattern skins for players to purchase. Check my twitter for stream times and you can get a glimpse of what I do for work on twitch. I’ve also started to paint my personal projects on my own twitch channel also announced on twitter and instagram if I post an image.

When did you start and what makes you started? 
I drew and loved art since I was a kid. I’d draw on anything I can find while waiting... envelopes and napkins mostly. Until I got a sketchbook. I only really started to promote my art on instagram since around July 2017. It’s always been a passion and a hobby and it was meant to be that way until random strangers on trains and buses kept telling me I should sell my pieces or they’d buy my art. So now I’m attempting to see if people will like my work. I’m currently getting a website together and working out the logistics for prints and or traditional pieces. Since I do both digital and traditional art.

What is your greatest strength? 
Greatest strength in terms of art? I think I’m strong with using colours maybe? I still feel like I have so much more to learn though. Perhaps my strength is not giving up on art and still being able to find passion for it even when it's been a difficult journey.

Where does your Inspiration comes from?
I follow better artists on twitter deviantart instagram and artstation. Sometimes inspiration comes from what’s happening in my life or things that interest me during that period of time.

What is the most challenging part about being an Artist? 
People think art is easy. People think that traditional art takes more skills than digital art. People think people who do art are just born with good skills. I was fairly insulted when a instagram gallery approached me and asked me to pay them for them to display my art. I took many years and much time of my life studying anatomy, lighting, shapes, composition and practicing to get to my skill level today. Even now I am still studying and practicing to be a better artist. I’m lucky I got a job at Piranha Games and they valued my skills enough to want to keep me. I’d like to be supported to be able to create my own intellectual property, to create beautiful paintings and paint the things I like. I think that’s the difficult bit. I use to think it was not possible so I brushed off the idea but now I’m giving it a go and hopefully it’ll work out.

What is your best achievement? 
'Best' becomes a bit subjective. I use to think it was to say I worked in films. I’m working in games? I recently participated in selling one of my pieces as a print in the Doujima2018 event through a gallery? I’m trying to be an online artist? But I guess I’m not too sure haha Being an artist is tricky. I’m just trying to do my best each day; try to progress slowly, be inspired, inspire people, be excited about my own work, trying to push my limits and create new exciting pieces.

What’s your favourite place to see art? 

I usually browse instagram, deviantart and artstation.

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