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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Worldwide Artist Interview: Stephen Thomas

FEATURE BLOG: Worldwide Artist

Real name : Stephen Thomas
Nick/Artist name : steve.t97

Which country are you based in? 
United Kingdom, Wiltshire

What’s your background? 
My background...Simply a guy interested in art who wanted to make significant improvements and prove to others and myself that I could indeed have an impact on society through the work that I created. I was never the guy that people would go to in school for a drawing...There's always that one kid. So, I decided that I didn't care and would pursue this anyway.

When did you start and what makes you started? 
I was properly committed to this wave of development starting my first year in Uni. I was first inspired by an artist named Will Terrell. Go look him up if you don't know him as he gives some really excellent advice and his laugh is like being tickled. Can't complain. That first year of Uni was a grind. My alarm would ring at 6am and I would start creating an illustration to be uploaded to Instagram before 9am lectures. The keys were consistency and well...Stubbornness.

What is your greatest strength? 
My greatest strength is being a perfectionist...Joking I think being a perfectionist is pointless because what you produce will never be quite 'there'. You'll forever be setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and being disappointed by the result. Trust me, this is the voice of experience here. So I rely on being constantly tenacious. I was never really conscious of this but I would never give in, no matter how depressing or difficult things get. I now accept that It is all a part of the process.

Where does your Inspiration comes from? 
I would love to say that much of my inspiration doesn't come from Pinterest but until I'm living in one of the far corners of the Earth looking over rolling mountains with only the birds for inspiration, this is a great tool. Every artist is inspired by every other artist hence one idea can be replicated thousands of times over yet still be original if this makes sense. 


What is the most challenging part about being an Artist?
Going to be a bit serious here...For me one of the most challenging things about being an artist is the long hours of being alone. Don't get me wrong, sometimes this is relieving but other times it can be lonely. At the same time, this has been necessary to create some of my greatest and most enjoyable works. However I have worked around this by rising early and then having time for whatever clubs I'm a part of later on in the day. Essentially, ensure that you  have a balance of time. I've always found that having something to look forward to makes everything more bearable. If that fails and friends/ family have ditched you, listen to podcasts. A favourite for my is the ' Ricky Gervais show'.

What is your best achievement? 
My best achievement so far in terms of art was receiving occasional messages from people who say that they have been influenced by my work. It always means much more to me than the number of likes for an upload. Case in point, someone used one of my designs as decoration for their prosthetic leg. That made my day and will always be remembered.

Which is your personal favourite? 

My favourite place to see art... If Pinterest isn't available then a family holiday to New York. If you ever get the chance to go there, go and if you are reading this and you live there then I envy you. The people, the culture, the hidden gems in China town and winding back streets of Little Italy are worth being explored. The thing about this is is that It's not purely visual, all of your senses will be harassed and you'll leave feeling somewhat enlightened. 

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