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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Issue 27: Artist Interview of Coco

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Artist
Real Name: Coco Low
Nick/Artist Name: Coco
1. Whats your background?
I had always had interest in art since I was young. My mum sent me for art lessons painting using poster colors and crayons. Only in sec 1 to sec 3 that I had the opportunity to dabble in watercolour, acrylic and pencil sketch. 
I'm currently working full-time, and using Coconutcalligraphy as my hobby and project to explore what I love.
2. What made you start?
I actually started with learning brush lettering in Aug 2016, when I noticed that my office had a lunchtime class where a fellow colleague taught. It was however the loss of my dear uncle during that period that really got me started, because I used lettering to focus my grief and to heal from it. From then on, I really fell in love with brush lettering, that I began to explore other mediums such as watercolor. I had started off with a $2 Daiso paint palette, but I heard of affordable art materials and so I had my boyfriend buy me some good quality paints for Valentines, which really got me into the whole painting craze. I started dip pen lettering only in Apr/May 2017, after I thought I was comfortable with brush lettering. Once I started, I never looked back!

3. What is your greatest strength?
Well.... I'm not sure haha! Maybe that I really love what I'm doing? I guess I have a good eye for learning how to break down a project into parts so that it is more doable... I also self-taught myself lettering/painting watercolor works that you see in my IG today, so I guess you can also say that I'm very determined :)
4. Where does your Inspiration come from?
It comes from anywhere and everywhere! Some i glimpse off IG, if not they're ideas that I have in my head. But my favourite inspirations are when I get to meet the people who commission pieces for their loved ones- hearing the backstories really inspire me and gets me into the mood!
5. What is the most challenging part about being an artist?
It is that some people do not value your work. What I mean is that, there are people who don't think that art is worth anything, who think that artists do not have to pay bills. Although I'm currently not painting full time, however if I ever do, I hope that people see the effort placed into each and every piece by the artist, and to appreciate and respect the artist. Art may not be cheap, but you know you're getting not just the piece itself, but also the passion of the artist who created it. Overall, I'm thankful that majority of my customers trust me and give me the artistic freedom. That's not to say that i've not met those who nitpick every single detail, although it was discussed and agreed beforehand. By being an artist now, I'm learning to be more thankful and appreciating the effort made by each seller that handmade their goods- you are all amazing!! :)
6.  What is your best achievement?
Gosh, this is hard to decide! I only started Coconutcalligraphy in Jan 2017, and so as of this short one year journey, I guess my best achievement so far is that I managed to get an opportunity to set up a booth and sell my work! It wasn't easy but it was fun thanks to the support of my family and friends. With that done and dusted, I've garnered up the courage to try it out again in 2018, at the SG Art Fest flea market at Singapore Art Museum on 28th Jan. Hope in 2018, more opportunities will open up!

7. What's your favourite place to see art?
Based on the nature of my medium/art, I love scrolling Instagram. However I've also taken to just observing the surroundings around me to get myself inspired. I don't purposely go to an art museum, but if i do, i sure enjoy it!

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