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Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Awesome Local Artist Postcards @ Artfullysg!

Get your hands on some Great Artist Postcards sponsored by Printmystuffsg

Here are some of the Great Artwork published on the Postcards:

In many ways, local artists are at the heart of every community.

Not only do they nourish the soul of people, calm our mind and inspire the heart. It enriches the country and community within. One, may be amazed by many hidden talent artists in our very own motherland, no matter if they're painters, sculptors, photographer, drawing artist and more. We hope you can take some time to seek out their talents and support their work, and spread the love. There are many independent freelancer artist who support other artist and as well as are supported by local communities. 

We’re Artfullysg, we’re one of the non-profitable communities in Singapore.

Quarterly per year Artfullysg distribute printed Art cards at local stores and cafes in Singapore to gain exposure and awareness for local artist and artwork. All the Artcards are FREE of charge and are sponsored and printed by PRINTMYSTUFFSG.

The helpful stores and cafe owners we currently work with:

The Nail Butler 
150 Orchard Road,
#02-04, Orchard Plaza,
Singapore 238841 

Gecory Icecream Cafe
Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2,
Singapore 120328

Kosnica Cafe
61 Duxton Road,
Singapore 089525

Artists are Quiet Revolutionaries whatever the reason artists choose to create art. When they make something personal, unique, creative, and time-consuming, they are valuing quality over quantity. Their handcrafted work creates value in economies and value in societies. Artfullysg have a communities of Visual Artists of all kinds, fine artists or other forms in creative designers.

P.S. F&B owners / retail shop owners:
We need your help to fill your shop/cafe/restaurant with great Local Artist’s Artworks. Into the spaces to promote Artfullysg “Support Local Arts” for our nex Campaign. If you know of any spaces interested for collaboration,  (eg. local coffee shop, art gallery, or event space) that either supports local artists, is collectively owned. Please refer them to us.


Artfullysg is started by a Photo-artist or rather creationist, who is inspired by Visual Arts around the world and appreciates it. She hopes to help create Art-awareness in Singapore, encourage Artists to Dream Bigger! She is a Supporter of Local Arts.

Artfullysg aims to create arts & culture more accessible to the people by bringing it right to the heart of every area in Singapore. The vision is to bring arts & culture in and across Singapore in Everyday life. Reaching out to “Everyone, Everywhere and Everyday”.

CONTACT ARTFULLYSG                                                                                                                   Know of any Aspiring-to-be Artist in Singapore?
Refer to us!                                                                                  
S P R E A D   T H E   L O V E !!!              
Without our Collaborator & Sponsors, this Campaign will not be possible. 
Thanks ALL for Supporting!                            

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