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Friday, September 1, 2017

Issue 20: Artist Interview of Suhaila Aris

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Artist

Real name & Artist name : Suhaila Aris

When did you start and what makes you started? 

I don’t really remember when exactly I started. All I can remember is I’ve loved doing art since young—coming for an Art Club member in primary school (such a geek hahaha).

It has never really been serious until I landed myself in Nanyang Technological University’s Art, Design & Media. Even during Polytechnic, I was still kinda lost, and have no idea on what I really want to pursue in life. During my time in university, it was then that I found my passion in design.

Where does your Inspiration comes from? 
My inspiration comes from observing everyday structures and forms that people tend to take for granted—from stories to objects and people to architecture. Also, from people around me—family, friends and other designers/artists. With the perspectives and knowledge I acquired from them, I process and translate what I see into creative ideas and design aesthetics.
What is your best achievement?

In terms of life—my best achievement was seeing my parents’ happy faces on my convocation day. As for best achievement as a designer, getting published and featured in a Design Publication Book titled “12th Asia-Pacific Design Yearbook”. I was humbled to be featured alongside other creative and talented designers across Asia.
Which is your personal favourite? 

Personal favourite? If you’re talking about my designs/creations, it’ll definitely be the Hari Raya Sampul designs I collaborated with my 5 year old niece. She is such a gem, and I had lots of fun doing that project.

Who inspires you? 

Quite a number of artists and designers inspires me everyday, but my favourites are Jessica Walsh, Brosmind and James Curran.

Advice for aspiring artist? 

Not sure if I’m qualified or entitled to give any advices, but what I could share with you from experience is… to never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough or quit. A lot of designers/artists especially students and beginners goes through a phase where they are lost without an identity or they think they aren’t good enough. I want you to know that, it is okay. It is okay that you’re lost… take your time, be yourself and most importantly, not to quit. It might take a little long for you to fight through that phase, but it’ll be worth it. Design is all about going on a journey—exploring and finding your own voice in design.




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