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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Issue 14: Artist Interview of Choysp

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Artist

Real name: Choy Shi Peng
Nick/Artist name: Choysp

When did you start and what makes you started?

I’ve been doodling ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and in school I would always draw cartoons and flip animations at the side of my textbooks. What sparked my interest to do realistic drawings was back in 2012 when Instagram was just gaining popularity, and I was following a few artists' accounts. I remember how in awe I felt when I studied their artwork, and thought I would give it a go. It has been 4 years since, and in recent months I’ve been taking it very seriously and have been practicing almost everyday too.

Where does your inspiration comes from?

I’m inspired by anything I find beautiful, really. Especially anything of nature, like animals and plants. The internet is awesome- there is such a wide variety of content to view in an instant. I follow a lot of different artists (pencil artists, painters, digital artists) on social media and their work inspire me greatly. I also find that listening to music that matches my mood gets the creative juices flowing. Sometimes the lyrics provide me with visuals, other times it's just the tunes.

What is your best achievement?

I’m still very new in this community and I’m learning as I go, so I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved much. But I recently got featured on an art sharing page with 200k followers on instagram, which was a huge surprise as I never thought I was good enough to be noticed by large art sharing accounts. I’m just so humbled and honoured to be amongst the feed of other amazing artists on that page.


Which is your personal favourite?

It's pretty hard to pick my favourite as I usually spend a few hours on a piece, thus I become very emotionally invested during the process and more so after it is completed. However, if I really had to pick one, I would pick “Orbit”, as it is about how everything in the universe is connected and the universe itself is a big sea of energy. 

Who inspires you?

There are so many that inspire me, but off the top of my head it would be: Kit King, Erica Wexler, Naranjalidad, N.C. Winters, and Aaronhorkey. There are so many more, and each artist has his/her own unique art style that greatly resonates with me.


Advice for aspiring artists?

As mentioned, I’m still new and learning but the best advice I’ve found is to "never stop creating". Every sketch/painting we make, no matter how small or quick, will contribute to our arsenal of creation. Skill isn’t something that is just acquired, it takes a whole lot of time and practice. You might not see your improvements right away and that’s perfectly okay. In time (maybe a few weeks, months or even years), look back and you’ll see how far you have come (and probably wish you started sooner, hahaha). If you keep going at it, it’s only natural that you’ll get better. So, keep on keeping on! 😊




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