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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Issue 7: Artist Interview of Klly Lmrck

Crochet Arts By Klly Lmrck

Her real name is Kelly Lim
Nick/Artist name Kllylmrck

When did you start and what makes you started?
I started with crochet when I was 7, and knitting about a year after. My mother used to go for classes so i went along with her and got interested.

My inspiration comes from all around me. I believe each person experiences a fusion of cultures that leads to their unique make-up, which eventually produces their original design. Different people looking at the same inspiration might come up with things very different. Sometimes, I'm thankful for my bad eyesight, because without my spectacles on I often see objects merged together into weird forms that inspire my work. Often, my mistakes in my knit experiments lead to a whole new design.

What is your best achievement?
Not yet. 

Which is your personal favourite? 
No top favourite. I treat everything I make as if it has its own character, so at different points in time I might particularly like one more than the other, just like people. Currently it must be my handphone cover though. 

Who inspires you?

I don't particularly get inspired by works of the same nature... Some of my favourite works to look at include those from Ulrika Kestere
and Brock Davis for his strange wit .

Advice for aspiring artist?
The true nature of your work should always come from within yourself and not outside.

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