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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Issue 6: Photographer Interview of Someformofhuman / Stefan Tan

Photography By Stefan Tan

When did you start and what makes you started?

As soon as I got my camera, picked it up, and started shooting.Things really look different on the viewfinder.

How do you find your inspiration?

I suppose whatever’s around you. ;)

What is your best achievement?

Perhaps proving others wrong that Singapore has ‘nothing photographically special to capture’ or a ‘boring city to shoot anything interesting’. They've probably stayed at home too often.

Which is your personal favourite?

These are the two:

It illustrates from what was once a beauty, to ultimate destruction of the rarity in Singapore. I can never get this done again. For this place – is forever gone. 

Who inspires you?

With all due respect and humbleness, I do not have any personal favourite(s) of an artist, or anybody. However if there was one person I could think of, that would’ve been Renez Wednesday, a portrait photographer.I am primarily a landscape shooter but a long time ago, she has taught me one thing that has been implanted deep into me – strive to be different. Innovate. Think of something new and refreshing. I can also see and clearly divulge that her portraiture photography showed usual traits of difference and innovation. So every time when I go to a place that I’ve shot before, I strive to see things in a different perspective, and yet still retain what it means to me. Nobody likes to hear a worn out recording over and over, nor a piece of instrumental cord repeated throughout the entire album. Yes, the weather can do so much, but it’s still the photographer’s responsibility to make that magic. It has to have story, it has to have visual climax – a neurological enticement to the mind.

Any words or advice for aspiring artist?

Take your camera, shoot, shoot, shoot. There’s no trick to it.Go out often. Explore often. Go places you’ve never been. And even if you did go back to the same ol’ place you’ve been many times, find something different. Find your style. Find your story. 

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