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Sunday, January 13, 2013

About Artfullysg

Artfullysg is an online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect their thoughts through the creation and sharing of art. We're based in the little Red Dot, Singapore.

Founded in January 2013, featuring Monthly Interviews of Artist. We love Artist recommendations! Do DM us if you know of any hidden talents.

Art Exhibition @ Bedok Simpang in July 2013, click here to view photos of Exhibition.

Artfullysg temporary stops in Aug 2013, due to busy timeline of Founder.

Restarted in Sept 2016
, Artfullysg continues to feature Monthly Artist's interviews as well as started our Instagram account which features both local SG & Worldwide's Artist.

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Oct 2016, Artfullysg starts writing Tips and other related blog post for Artist.

Ready to publish Postcards to distribute around SG in Jan 2017, Artfullysg is ready for the next level of getting exposure for SG Artist. Thanks to sponsored of Art cards printing by Printmystuffsg.

FREE Artfullysg Postcards ready to pick up in some of the cafe in SG in April 2017, Some of the Artist featured are: Little Pink Pebble, Van.Koh, Renez Wednesday, Camm, Bisukiut, Little Wood Trove

Working on Worldwide Artist Interview on Artfullysg Blog + Revamped the Website in October 2017, We're on the lookout for both Local and Overseas Artist for our upcoming feature!

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Artfully's Mission!
To support local arts!
To get exposure for local talent.
To encourage fulfilling art dreams!
To share and lookout for different varieties of visual arts.

View ALL Local Interview Issues, CLICK HERE!

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